Understanding the Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Understanding the Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Dr Laurence A Langer, D.D.S.


Oral cancer is a form of neck and head cancer that affects your mouth. This Oral Cancer Diagnosis | Oral Cancer Treatment | Oral Cancer Prevention | Brooklyn | New York City (NYC)particular type of cancer can form in the lining of your gums, cheeks, roof of your mouth, lips and tongue. The symptoms associated with oral cancer are often linked to other signs of illnesses that are not as serious. It is imperative that you consult the dentist to discuss these changes in your oral health. When it comes time for your regular checkup, you will be screened for oral cancer at the same time. For those who utilize tobacco products, you may end up undergoing a more in-depth screening process based upon your individual level of risk.

Red or White Patches Appearing on Your Lips or Mouth

For those who have red, white or a combination of both appearing on your lips or interior of your mouth, this is one of the most common symptoms associated with oral cancer. When the disease is in the early stages, the patches are a warning of abnormal cells. If the patches are left without treatment, it will end up leading to cancer.

Blisters or Sores Inside of Your Mouth

Blisters or sores on your lips or the interior of your mouth that fail to heal are often a sign attributed to oral cancer. Any sores that last more than two weeks should be addressed by a visit to the doctor.

Trouble Swallowing

This particular symptom includes trouble chewing, speaking and moving the tongue or jaw. It can be non-specific to oral cancer, but it can also be the host of numerous other conditions.


Persistent or frequent earaches will need to be checked out by a medical professional. Earaches usually signal some type of infection, but in certain instances, it can correlate to oral cancer.

Changes in How Your Teeth Are Fitting Together

For those who are dealing with oral cancer, it can cause the teeth to become loose and dentures to fit improperly.

Bleeding of the Mouth

Anytime you have any bleeding from your mouth you will want to report it to a medical professional immediately. Even though the bleeding can come from a number of different things, it is a symptom of oral cancer that will need to be evaluated and looked into. Regardless of whether you currently have oral cancer or you think you may be at risk, certain things can be done to help minimize the likelihood of contracting it in the first place. Minimizing the amount of alcohol you consume, ceasing to smoke, and wearing sunscreen when outside and visiting the dentist on a regular basis are all important. Don’t take your oral health for granted. Let a professional help guide you in the process of protecting your mouth from potential diseases that try to enter in.

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