Prevue Smile: Using a Mock Wax-Up To “Test Drive” a Smile Makeover

Looking to make over your smile, but concerned with what it may look like? Worried your new teeth may look too big, or not what meet your expectations? Well, Dr. Langer can “test drive” your new smile without anesthesia, or touching your tooth with a drill. By taking good photos, an impression of your teeth, and special software, Dr Langer can create a “mock wax up” on a set of models. He can than transfer that over your existing teeth, and give you a good feel as to what your new smile will look and feel like. With the help of the prestigious dental lab, Jason Kim Dental Esthetics, a customized, new beautiful smile can be developed to meet your desires. Call Dr. Langer at 718-339-6544 and find out how you can get the smile you always wanted.


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