Maximizing Dental Health Insurance Benefits

The end of the year is a busy time for all of us. Between school break for the kids and holidays with the family, it can feel overwhelming to also try and squeeze in dentist appointments. However, waiting until the new year could cost you money you’ve already spent.

In order to maximize your dental health benefits and ensure you aren’t wasting your money, you need to get your appointments in before the year ends. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits to scheduling your next dental appointment before 2018 begins.

Maintain Your Checkup Schedule

No matter the state of your oral hygiene, you want to be visiting your dentist regularly. If you have gum disease or are prone to cavities, it is even more important that you’re seeing your dentist as frequently as possible.

Maintaining a regular cleaning and checkup schedule can help you detect any conditions or cavities before they become too severe. Ensuring you are using your annual dental benefits can help you keep your pearly whites happy and healthy.

Use Your Coverage Before It Expires

Unfortunately, your benefits probably don’t roll over from year to year. This means that if you don’t use your covered visits during the calendar year, they will be lost forever. When you don’t use your coverage, it is simply wasted money.

Even if you feel like you don’t need to visit your dentist, don’t throw money down the drain. Scheduling an appointment can ensure your oral health is well maintained and make sure you are appropriately using your benefits each year.

If you have a Flexible Spending Account, or an FSA, you may also want to use this up before the year expires. Typically, money in an FSA does not roll over at the end of the year. If you still have a balance, you can use this money to cover an appointment with your dentist.

Get the most of your dental benefits by ensuring they are all used up before the end of the year. If you’re ready to schedule your appointment with Dr. Langer, call our Brooklyn dental office at 718.395.5935.

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