Making a New Smile with Porcelain Veneers

Everybody wants whiter, straighter, and youthful looking teeth. Unfortunately, as we get older, our teeth wear. Extenuating circumstances due to bruxing (night time grinding), clenching, or acid reflux, and make this happen much faster, and more drastic, leading to short, dark, worn teeth. There are several different ways to correct these problems, but most important is to understand WHY it has happened, so we won’t destroy the new teeth we have created.  Porcelain veneers is one such option to remake your smile.
Our jobs as dentists, is to not only repair broken teeth and help get a person out of pain, but to create beautiful, esthetic smiles, which will give you better self esteem, and make you look and feel younger. With careful diagnosis, to determine how the teeth are being worn and destroyed, we can come up with a treatment plan that will not only make you look great, but will last for many years. It is only too often a patient will ask me if they can place a few veneers on their teeth, but after taking a close look, it is determined that much more needs to be done to correct the “occlusal destruction” of their teeth, and a few veneers will only break or fall off in the near future. That being said, lets look at a case and see how we work up a case.

Chief complaints:

  • Spaces between teeth
  • Wear on the edges of the 2 front middle teeth
  • Wear on the front outer surface of the front middle teeth


  • Healthy gingival tissue/ great oral hygiene
  • Plenty of firm attached tissue (bright pink tissue)
  • Low lip line
  • Stable Class I occlusion with cuspid guidance
  • No caries (decay)

Since color was not an issue, and he liked his overall smile, we did a very conservative case, allowing us to only prepare 4 teeth (7-10), for feldspathic porcelain veneers, and recontour #11 with composite to get better alignment with the other teeth (its slightly rotated). Feldspathic porcelain has the ultimate esthetics and with a Master Ceramist (Jason Kim) they will look natural and fit his appearance.

The first visit we take study models and have the lab “waxup” the teeth on the models to the shape and size that will meet our goals. This is our prototype that we can modify when we fabricate provisional, and also can use to make matrices for conservative preparation guides.

Diagnostic wax up on cast models

Putty matrices for provisionals and prep guides


Next, we will use one of the matrices and fill it with composite, place it in his mouth, and “preview” what his smile will look like without having touched any of his teeth.


Besides the rotated cuspid on the upper right, everything looks great. Patient was happy and ready to start case.


Conservative veneer preps to allow as much enamel as possible to bond to. Taking a shade of the prepared tooth, tht might be different than our final shade.


Taking a shade for final veneers. The ceramist will use all this information to create beautiful veneers.







Cases like this are very predictable with good planning and communication with patient and lab. If you have questions please call Dr Langer, Cosmetic Dentist in Brooklyn, call us at 718-339-6544.

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