Heart Disease and Strokes Related to Gum Disease

Heart Disease and Strokes Related to Gum Disease

Numerous people fail to realize just how important it is to maintain your overall dental health. They assume it will only affect their teeth. In reality, your dental health can lead to a whole host of problems beyond your mouth. Gum Disease Treatment | Cosmetic Dentist | Brooklyn | New York City Did you know that gum disease could lead to heart attacks, strokes and diabetes? Who would have thought that one issue could lead to a whole host of more serious health conditions? The problem is that people are not educated on all of the risks associated with gum disease. For many, they question why that even happens in the first place. One main theory stands out among all of the others. An oral bacterium ends up affecting the heart through entrance into the bloodstream. As it reaches the heart, it ends up playing a large factor in the formation of clots in your body. Artery disease occurs when the walls in the arteries become so thick that they cannot properly function. The buildup in fatty proteins causes strain on the normal functions of the heart, thus contributing to a heart attack.

It is in this respect that the bacteria from your mouth are thought to grow and attach themselves, which causes the lining to thicken in the arterial walls. When the areas end up clotting, it causes the flow of blood to become restricted. In the end, the heart will not be able to get the necessary nutrients and oxygen it needs to function. Your heart will end up malfunctioning, which leads to a life-threatening heart attack. This process is the same one that leads to strokes in individuals. Another potential cause of heart attacks and strokes for those with gum disease is due to the inflammation caused from the bacteria in the mouth. When you already have arteries that are thick, this extra bacterium can push your system over the edge and contribute to a condition that was already in the works. Adding excessive amounts of bacteria into an already weak system will only lead to a potentially dangerous stroke or heart attack. It all boils down to what the contributing factors are for certain conditions and the condition that is going to cause the problems in the first place.

Those who are suffering with a form of gum disease are twice as likely to end up dealing with heart attacks and coronary artery disease as compared to those who have healthy gums and teeth. For those who have a pre-existing condition, the symptoms will only amplify the symptoms that you are working to overcome. It may be necessary to take an antibiotic before any dentistry procedures can be completed in the first place. Dr. Langer will be able to help walk you through the entire process.

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