CT Planning and Guided Surgery to Make Implant Placement More Predictable

If you’re considering dental implants, one of the newest technologies in dentistry can make the entire process much easier. One of the risks of implants is that the implant site may turn out to be damaged or compromised for a number of different reasons. When this occurs during the procedure, the dentist may not be able to complete the implantation, requiring another procedure later. By using CT scans and guided surgery, however, there’s much less chance of this occurring. Your dental surgeon will be able to determine how suitable the implant sites are, making it much more likely that the procedure will be successful.

How Does it Work?

To start with, your dentist will have you get a CT scan before your implant surgery. This scan will allow the dentist to look at the quality and strength of the bone in your upper and lower jaw. They will be able to see if the bone has deteriorated at the sites they have chosen for the implant sites. If it has, they may choose other locations for the implants or may need to use a guided surgery technique.

Guided surgery uses a specialized tool that is held in place in your mouth by temporary pins. This guide helps the dentist carefully place the implants in the ideal position. It’s much more precise thanks to the CT scan and the planning that went into the operation before it began. Once completed, your dentist may have you get a post-operation CT scan to make certain that the implants are exactly where they should be.

Other Advantages

Besides being perfectly placed, there are a few other advantages to using CT planning and guided surgery. There’s no need to create surgical flaps, which is when tissue is lifted from one area and moved to another while the blood supply remains intact. This is often done when parts of the gum need to be moved over to allow the implant to be placed. A guided system also makes the procedure faster since the dentist knows exactly where the implants are to be placed.

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