Denture Wearer Problems

Denture Wearers… There are Answers to Your Problems!

Dr Laurence A Langer, D.D.S.

Today’s dentistry offers so much in new technology and advancements in newer and better materials, that the days of suffering and having to wear a denture can be completely eliminated. Dr. Langer, located in Marine Park, Brooklyn has continued to research and educate his patients on the various options available to replace missing teeth. Whether it’s just a few, or all your teeth that need to be addressed, rest assure that Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Langer will address all your needs and give you the advantage of each treatment available.

Let’s begin by discussing what a denture is. Dentures are made of acrylic and are custom fabricated by the laboratory from impressions taken by Dr. Langer. A partial denture is made with a metal framework to replace several missing teeth, whereas a full denture replaces an entire arch of missing teeth. An “immediate” denture allows Dr. Langer to place a full or partial denture in the very same day the teeth are extracted, so you are never without teeth. They are also very helpful with allowing the ridges where the teeth were extracted to heal faster with less swelling. Dentures are meant to be removed especially at night and must be cleaned and maintained to keep them looking as good as the day they were delivered. One of the materials that Dr. Langer uses with his labs is Lucitone, which is a very high premium acrylic resin which will help prevent staining or odor. Dr. Langer also recommends Mondial teeth which look and feel like natural teeth.

Fabricating a denture will usually take 5-6 appointments. Each appointment requires extreme attention to detail, as “no two smiles are the same”. Selection of tooth shape and contour, color, tooth position, and size are only some of the issues that need to be addressed during these appointments, to ensure that your denture will look and feel as natural as possible. Making a denture can almost be considered an art, as individualizing these important factors can make the difference from having “fake teeth” that look fake, or natural in your mouth. Today we have some amazing technology available. Two fantastic alternatives to conventional dentures are Overdentures, and Hybrid Dentures.


Overdentures are very similar to conventional dentures with one very important advantage. They are held in place with the use of dental implants. Usually 2-4 implants on the arch are all that are necessary. The internal portion of the denture has a nylon attachment that “snaps” onto the titanium abutement (an abutement is the attachment that is screwed into the implant). Various attachments can be used, based on the amount of retention (holding ability) that is required. On the upper arch this is especially an aid, as the palate no longer needs to be covered. On the lower arch, where there is sometimes no retention available, this is the only way to eliminate the use of paste or other adhesives. Keep in mind, these are still removable dentures and need to be removed just like conventional dentures for cleaning and to be maintained. Dr. Langer works with several surgeons whom are specially trained to place implants.

Hybrid Dentures:

Hybrid Dentures are “semi-permanent” dentures. The denture is screwed into the dental implant and can only be removed by Dr. Langer. 5-6 implants are required to fabricate these types of dentures. Hybrids can fabricate with acrylic and a metal substructure for strength or out of zirconia. Zirconia is an all porcelain material that is extremely strong. All zirconia hybrid dentures look so real you would never know they are dentures. Not only that, but they will never break or crack and are custom designed to enable you keep the implants holding them in place clean and free of food and bacteria.

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