Dental X-Rays

Dental X-Rays and Digital Imaging

X-rays are critical components of any dental exam. Full sets of Dental X-Rays | Digital Dental X-Ray Imaging | Brooklynx-rays are required for those patients who are new to Dr. Langer’s Brooklyn Dental Office. Those who require an extensive dental procedure will need to have x-rays taken as well. Every six months or so you will need to have new x-rays taken to help determine if there are any changes to the individual patients condition. Dr. Langer follows careful guidelines as to when x-rays should be taken. X-Rays or radiographs are a valuable diagnostic tool, giving us the ability to view internal structures of the mouth that are not visible in an examination. Dental X-Rays provide essential information for Dr. Langer as he works to diagnose, treat and maintain the oral health of his patients. The amount of exposure is too small to pose any major risk. Our practice uses digital imaging techniques at our Brooklyn Dental Office. Digital imaging reduces exposure time by more than 50 percent as compared to traditional x-rays. State-of-the-art digital imaging is even faster, safer and clearer than conventional x-rays, making them the preferred type of imaging test. Since they are stored digitally, the images can be viewed on a computer, offering a much more precise view. In addition, instead of mailing actual film, Dr. Langer can quickly deliver the images to any specialist or insurance company as needed.

Radiographs enables Dr. Langer to determine the existence of:

  • Cavities in the teeth
  • Bone level measurement
  • Assessment of the health of the bone
  • Examination of the dental pulp and roots of the teeth
  • Inspection and evaluation of cysts or tumors in the mouth
  • Calculation of the extent of any damage that has occurred due to trauma

Countless reasons exist as to why patients will need to have x-rays completed. They help Dr. Langer to identify any tooth decay, abscess, tumors, cysts, impacted and extra teeth. Digital x-rays will also show Dr. Langer if there are any issues with your existing fillings, crowns, bridges or root canals. If you have any loss from gum disease, tartar buildup, foreign bodies or require dental implants, an x-ray will help display any of those conditions for the dentist to determine the appropriate course of action for your situation. All of the aforementioned benefits are why x-rays are necessary in today’s society.

Dr. Langer, D.D.S. is concerned with being able to minimize the Dental X-Rays | Digital Dental X-Ray Imaging | Brooklynlevel of radiation that a patient is going to encounter in his office. Countless patients are concerned with the high levels of radiation they are going to encounter with dental x-rays, which is why digital x-rays are widely used in the office. For women who are pregnant, they are often concerned with the level of protection they are going to receive with an x-ray. The last thing they want is to cause harm to their unborn child, which is why digital x-rays are so amazing. Beyond those who are pregnant, patients who have dealt with cancer will be leery about the level of radiation they are exposing themselves to in the dental office.

Thanks to the new dental technology on the market, digital x-rays are able to offer an array of advantages for patients. They reduce the amount of radiation by 80 percent over that of a traditional x-ray. There is no need for any processing chemicals or film when using digital x-ray technology. When it comes to the image production, you will have the images almost instantly. Color contrast can also be used in this particular type of image, which allows Dr. Langer to see a number of different issues that may be going on inside of your mouth. Since the dentist is able to see the images in a few seconds, it makes the process of treating the patient quicker and more efficient. Many patients love the fact that digital x-rays help to reduce the amount of radiation they are exposed to, especially for those who are pregnant or have other health concerns.

When it comes to digital x-rays, they are an important component to the treatment and diagnosis of any dental problems the patient is dealing with at the time. You will still need to have an examination of the oral cavity, TMJ, neck and head to help Dr. Langer determine the appropriate means of treating the patient. It is imperative that the dentist have a complete overview of everything the patient has going on to help determine the appropriate means of treating their dental issues.

Intraoral Camera

Dr. Langer offers the latest in intraoral camera technology, which can help us to enhance your understanding of your diagnosis. An intraoral camera is a very small camera, sometimes just a few millimeters long. This high-tech device allows our staff to view clear, precise images of all of the structures of your mouth in order for us to make an accurate, efficient diagnosis. These clear, defined, enlarged images show details that might not be visible in standard mirror examinations. Using an intraoral camera can also speed diagnosis time, which translates into a shorter appointment for you.

For any questions or concerns about digital x-rays and the benefits they can offer you as a patient, Dr. Langer, D.D.S. in Brooklyn will be happy to answer any questions for you. Since the technology in digital x-rays is superior to that of the traditional x-rays, you are sure to love the convenience and benefits digital x-rays bring to you as the patient.

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