CEREC Dental Technology

Years ago, x-rays were one of the most tedious and time-consuming parts of CEREC® | Dental Restoration | Ceramic Dental Procedures | Brooklynyour visit to the dentist. Since most people only go to the dentist a couple times per year, x-rays are one of the main components to your visit. Before you ever get your teeth cleaned, you will need to have an x-ray taken. If you end up needing a crown or filling, you can expect to spend even longer at the dentist, as well as multiple appointments to complete everything.

Thanks to all of the new technology emerging onto the market, your appointments for a filling or crown are simpler and more pleasant than ever before. You will not have to worry about making multiple visits to the dentist office for your procedures. There are no extensive delays from the lab in processing the impressions of your teeth. Many people are frustrated with the length of time they spend waiting on x-rays to develop, but that is all outdated with CEREC technology that Dr. Langer, D.D.S. offers in his Brooklyn dental office.

CEREC allows the pictures of your mouth to be taken in a short amount of time, which allows Dr. Langer to help identify the exact manner in which a crown would fit onto your tooth. CEREC works to help create an impression. Your crown will be ready to put into your mouth in a few minutes, which helps to minimize the length of time you spend visiting the dentist office. Even though the results will last for years, CEREC technology only takes a short amount of time to complete the process for patients visiting Dr. Langer’s Brooklyn dental office.

Benefits to Using CEREC Technology

On average, it can take weeks to send all of the plaster impressions into the manufacturer before getting them back for the fitting. Using CEREC, Dr. Langer will be able to spend less than a half hour inputting all of the information regarding your teeth into their computer to produce the crown. Accuracy and precision are imperative in getting dental work completed. Since the images for your teeth are completed on a microscopic level, plaster impressions are extremely precise. All of the data that the dentist inputs into the computer will be of the same degree of precision. This allows your filling or crown to be milled with extreme accuracy.

The ceramic material that is used to compose your filling or crown will end up expanding and contracting in the same manner as your own teeth will. Thanks to this expansion and contraction process, you will not have to worry about any potential cracking of your teeth. You will not have to worry about the teeth being too soft or too hard. Since the teeth will not undergo any unnecessary wear, you will not have to worry about replacing them repeatedly as you would have to do with the older technology on the market years ago. These crowns or filings will resemble your natural teeth, so your smile will look amazing.

One of the most critical advances for those who use CEREC technology is the ceramic fillings and crowns have eliminated the need for mercury and various other toxic materials. When you remove all of these harmful metals from your mouth, you are eliminating all of the potential harm they could have caused you over time. If you think about all of the amazing benefits CEREC technology has to offer you as a patient, you will never want to go back to the old technology ever again. For those who want a dentist that uses the best in technology, you will love everything Dr. Langer has to offer you. Stop worrying about how much time you are going to spend getting your dental work done and start enjoying the benefits to the new and improved technology on the market today. Long gone are the days of waiting forever to have one procedure done. Using the new technology, you will be able to get everything you need completed in one short visit. You will be able to spend your time elsewhere focusing on other aspects of your life, instead of sitting at the dentist office waiting for your procedure to be completed.

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