Dental Implants vs. Bridges and Dentures

Though permanent dental replacements and removable dentures both serve to restore function and improve the aesthetics of the mouth, they differ greatly in in terms of feel, appearance and convenience.

As people live longer, permanent dental solutions are increasing in popularity while removable bridges and dentures become less popular among those who require those types of structures to have a fully functioning bite in order to eat, speak and smile. Dental implants are used to remedy tooth loss caused by a variety of factors, such as decay, extraction, dental disease, failed root canal, or trauma to the mouth. Implants differ from dental bridges and dentures in that they are a permanent fix to a permanent problem. While removable bridges and dentures can be used for an indefinite amount of time, the fact that they are removable causes discomfort, embarrassment and is often an inconvenience for the wearer.

Dr. Langer welcomes patients’ questions about dental implants and all other dental procedures. When you go to his Brooklyn office, you don’t have to feel uncomfortable when requesting more information- that’s what we’re here for.

Some questions we get from patients about implants and dentures/bridges are below.

How are dental implants actually implanted?

Implanting these artificial teeth is a surgical procedure, the mention of which often scares people off. It’s good to keep in mind that despite the lower cost of dental bridges and the fact that they don’t require surgery, “installing” them requires dentists to file down the surrounding teeth. This essentially damages your “good” teeth that are otherwise unaffected by the problem. Dental implants on the other hand, are inserted into the jaw during a surgical procedure, and your dentist won’t have to file down other teeth- implants are screwed straight into the jaw.

How does the appearance of dental implants compare with removable dentures or bridges?

Who wants to constantly have to worry about how their removable dental apparatus’ look and feel, in addition to keeping them clean and in pristine condition? In contrast to removable devices, implants are a permanent remedy for missing teeth that saves the patient the time and annoyance those dealing with removable pieces have to deal with.

Overall Positives and Negatives of Dental Implants

Implants make it easier to bite, chew, eat and speak due to the fact that they are permanent and not removable. A possible negative aspect to implants is the cost. Surgery isn’t cheap, and therefore implants are typically more expensive than having removable pieces installed.

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