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  • Posted on: Oct 10 2020
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Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished you could improve your smile? Your wishes can come true with the help of Dr Langer. Located in Marine Park, Brooklyn, Dr Langer has been creating smiles for his patients for 36 years. No matter how complex or simple the case may be, rest assured that Dr Langer will explore every option to create a smile that fits your budget and individual needs. Using porcelain veneers,cosmetic bonding, orthodontics, implants, or porcelain crowns, Dr Langer will help guide you to that smile you have always dreamed of. Lets explore a case we completed recently.








Our goal was to keep the patient within his budget with the least invasive procedures.  We elected to do orthodontics to line up the teeth in a better position, close the gap between the two front teeth, and reduce his overbite.

Post Invisalign







Our final goal was to reshape his smile using “cosmetic bonding”.   By adding resins using different shades, we are able to get a more natural looking smile.  Teeth are “polychromatic” and care should be taken to blend the different shades and transparencies. This prevents thats “too white” or “too chalky” look.   Reshaping angles and closing any small spaces further enhances the final outcome.

After bonding







All in all we were able to deliver very predictable results and kept treatment within the patients needs and budget.   To find out how you could benefit from Dr Langer’s expertise, call his office at 718-339-6544.

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