Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth Colored Fillings

If you need dental fillings but prefer a filling that matches your other teeth, you have options. At Dr. Langer’s Brooklyn office, we offer mercury free, tooth colored fillings, which enables us to restore your teeth but keep them looking natural and metal free- you don’t have to have a mouth full of twinkling gold or silver fillings if you don’t want to! Dr. Langer can give you white fillings that are invisible to the untrained eye by matching the resin bonded restorations of your teeth.

Tooth-colored fillings can be used to either replace your gold or silver fillings, or be used to treat a new cavity. These types of fillings have several key advantages that make them safer and more desirable than their metal counterparts.

White fillings, or tooth-colored fillings, blend with your existing teeth, allowing you to speak, laugh and eat freely without being self conscious due to visible dental work. Tooth-colored fillings can be made from several materials: composite resin, glass ionomer cement (GIC) and porcelain ceramics.

All of these materials obviously have an aesthetic advantage over metal fillings, and they often last very long. However, they can become discolored over time, but that is easy enough to remedy with a quick trip or two to Dr. Langer. Resin fillings allow patients to keep more of their existing tooth- Dr. Langer can treat decayed portions of your tooth more conservatively since resin bonds to your actual tooth structure. If that same patient was to have a silver filling, more healthy tooth structure would have to be removed than with the resin. Unlike with silver fillings, you don’t have to worry about the ceramic material of tooth-colored fillings expanding and contracting over time. You can rest easy that the filling won’t cause your tooth to be sensitive, the filling won’t leak out, and it wont fracture.

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Direct Restoration Tooth Colored Fillings, Explained

A direct restoration means that your tooth still has enough structure to it for a filling to go inside, in other words, a majority of your tooth is maintained- this can be completed in one visit. Composite, which is tooth colored, can be used to fill the void. Composite is used more widely than amalgam (silver colored) for direct restorations due mostly to its aesthetic qualities.

What is an indirect Restoration Tooth Colored Filling?

Examples of indirect restoration are inlays and crowns, basically whenever the restoration is produced outside of your mouth, like in a laboratory. These types of restorations are made to be cemented into place.  Contact the Brooklyn office of Dr. Langer at 1-718-395-5935 for more information.

With the exception of restorations that are milled by a machine in the office, most indirect restorations take two or more appointments to complete. Because of their superior esthetic qualities, porcelain ceramics are becoming even more popular than cast gold, which is the most durable indirect restoration material. In addition to being esthetically superior, they are resistant to surface wear and long lasting.

Regardless of the dental need, make sure you speak with Dr. Langer, DDS in Brooklyn to figure out a solution for you. You will be able to get answers to all of your questions and concerns in a timely fashion. We will make sure you receive all the information possible so you can feel comfortable with your surgery. Call the office today to speak with a member of our practice about tooth colored fillings at 718-395-5935.

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