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Has your coffee or tobacco habit left you with stained or otherwise non-white teeth? Even if you don’t partake in either, foods and injury can also discolor your teeth over the years. While there are numerous dental kits on the market today, dentist-dispensed whitening trays are safer and generally more effective, and may even work better than an in-office bleaching treatment. This may be due to the fact that whitening trays prepared by dentists for patients to take home are used on an ongoing basis, rather than a one-time application, or a series of visits over time. Applying bleach to teeth that already contain peroxidef from crazy treatment the day before (or up to 36 hours before) seems to be more effective than applications that are more spread apart.

What’s the procedure for obtaining dentist-dispensed whitening trays? Speak with your dentist about the stains/discoloration of your teeth, and he/she will come up with a solution. At the Brooklyn office of Dr. Langer, D.D.S., your custom made teeth whitening splints will be prepped and ready for pick up within just two days. The splints, which you wear for a few hours each day, contain a special beaching agent that removes stains from your enamel quickly and effectively, without damages the enamel or dental work.

It’s up to you how white you want to go, just stop using the splints once your teeth are the perfect shade of white for you. Maintain your new bright smile with occasional whitening using the splints.

What’s involved in getting whitening trays from your dentist?

Expect to have an impression taken of your teeth to create the trays that will hold the bleaching agent. To achieve the desired results, you will have to wear the trays for several hours (3 to 4) each day/night over the course of a week or two. Most individuals see a significant improvement in the color of their teeth by this point.

Teeth Whitening | Teeth Discoloration Treatment | At Home Whitening Trays | Brooklyn
Teeth Whitening | Teeth Discoloration Treatment | At Home Whitening Trays | Brooklyn

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Teeth Whitening | Teeth Discoloration Treatment | At Home Whitening Trays | Brooklyn | New York

Key Benefits of at Home Teeth Whitening:

  • Results that last: This process will keep your teeth stain free and pearly white for months, but most people need to do some regular maintenance every four to six months.
  • It’s convenient: Use your bleaching trays at your own convenience, whether you want to put them on during the day or night, for short or long periods until you are satisfied with the color of your teeth.
  • They are portable: Teeth whitening trays can be used at home or in the office, or wherever else you wouldn’t mind being seen with them on! This takes the convenience factor up a notch.
  • At-home whitening trays cost significantly less than the whitening procedure in the office and trays are usually the first line of attack when it comes to correcting discoloration teeth before moving on to more expensive, restorative procedures, such as veneers or crowns.

Although over the counter teeth whitening solutions are readily available at any store pharmacy, these products usually chemicals that may damage gums or teeth, so we suggest that individuals within the Brooklyna area meet with Dr. Langer for a teeth whitening consultation before trying any whitening procedure.

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