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Cosmetic Dentistry

Looking better and feeling great not only affects us psychologically, but the people around us as well. Various products and procedures exist within the realm of cosmetic dentistry. The goal of improving both the well-being and visual beauty of the teeth can give an individual a higher level of self confidence in themselves and their appearance both mentally and physically. Some examples of services provided by cosmetic dentist Dr. Langer, D.D.S. are:

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Bleaching (also known as Teeth Whitening) has become a very widespread and advanced procedure that several dental companies have become known to market their own at home teeth whitening products. Discolored or stained teeth can happen for a number of reasons in a person’s day to day activities. Cigarette smokers, coffee drinkers, people taking medications and other factors can all make your teeth less brilliant and troublesome. Thankfully, professional and over the counter teeth whitening can be the solution to these problems we face.

Typical over the counter teeth whitening kits require nightly use of the product for a period of one to two weeks. The teeth whitening strips generally contains minerals to erode the discolored particles and stains on the surface of the teeth, but the concentration of the minerals used tend to be much lower which leads to a longer duration of the at home teeth whitening treatment.

Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments take place over a series of in office appointments with your dental professional. Dr. Langer will make a custom fit tray for your mouth that will fit snug on your teeth. Once the tray is created, the second step is to apply the bleaching gel and hydrogen peroxide solution. An ultraviolet light may be used to shine on the teeth to facilitate the process. Dr. Langer can complete the entire whitening process in only a few short visits compared to weeks of at home treatments.

Porcelain Veneers

Looking for have that perfect smile? Porcelain Veneers will more than likely be the ticket. Porcelain Veneers are thin shelled layers of porcelain (<05mm) which are custom made in a lab and then bonded to your teeth. Porcelain Veneers are used to treat damaged, crooked, severely discolored and/or badly worn out teeth. Porcelain Veneers also adds an extra layer of protection which can be used as a cosmetic device to give you’re cracked or gapped teeth a more uniform appearance. Although some veneers are designed to be removable, most are permanent and are bonded very tightly to the teeth they are protecting. The advancements in technology have improved the bonding agents to the point where it is quite common for veneers to stay active for 20 years or more. Lumineers are new kinds of porcelain veneers that are so thin they don’t require any tooth-buffing before placement.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants provide a strong foundation for dental restoration procedures by implanting a replacement tooth root. Dental Implants are usually made from metal called titanium that bond well with human bone tissue. When done correctly the implant and bone can blend or fuse together (Osseointegration) to make for a strong support for your new tooth. There are many types of Dental Implants ranging from individual crowns to dentures. Only a Cosmetic Dentist can ensure that not only the most comfortable solution will be found, but it will the procedure will be accurate and precise.

Types of Dental Implant Restorations

Crowns: Dental Crowns are normally used when you need to protect an existing tooth that has been broken, damaged or even cracked. Following a basic dental implant, a dental crown is most often applied. A dental crown helps restore the shape, size, color, function and strengthens the tooth in order to conserve the natural tooth. Before the crown is placed  Cosmetic Dentistry | Cosmetic Dentist | Cosmetic Dental Procedures | BrooklynDr. Langer will remove part of your tooth so the crown can be fitted securely. You will be given a temporary crown, which is replaced once the permanent crown is ready to be cemented in place. There are several types of dental crowns available, let Dr. Langer help find the right option for you.

Dentures: Dentures are designed to look real and function just like your normal teeth. Fitting the denture to your gums should happen naturally after your dentist constructs the denture to the specifications of your gums. It should act almost in the way a suction cup would work. There are special adhesives that can be used to hold your dentures into place as well but most of these adhesives will come loose after a certain time. Dentures can improve appearance, boost confidence and restore chewing function.

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