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Making a New Smile with Porcelain Veneers

Everybody wants whiter, straighter, and youthful looking teeth. Unfortunately, as we get older, our teeth wear. Extenuating circumstances due to bruxing (night time grinding), clenching, or acid reflux, and make this happen much faster, and more drastic, leading to short, dark, worn teeth. There are several different ways to correct these problems, but most important […]

What is a Gum Lift?

A gum lift or gingivectomy is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that is usually done by a dentist to reshape the gums in order to provide a more pleasing smile to the patient. Gums are reshaped for a number of reasons. For starters, some people have gums that have not receded after the permanent tooth erupts. […]

A Great Day at Our Office

Many dental patients seek treatment for a variety of reasons. Whether it is an emergency, a check up and cleaning, broken tooth….we are always available and will do our very best to accommodate your needs and desires. I would like to just take a moment to tell you all a short story. A new patient […]

Brooklyn Smile Makeovers

Brooklyn Smile Makeovers

A Predictable, Celebrity Smile Makeover can be yours at Very Reasonable Costs We all want to look and feel young. A nutritious diet, exercise, a good night’s sleep are all important factors. But nothing gives a person a more youthful look than a bright, radiant smile. Whether you are going on a job interview, getting […]

How to get a Great Smile | Smile Makeover | Brooklyn

The Importance of Temporaries

The Importance of Temporaries…the Blueprint for a Great Smile! By Laurence A Langer, D.D.S. “But doc, they are only temporaries…” I have heard patient say this to me all the time. “Why are you spending so much time on them?”, or “why is there an additional charge for them?” The answer is, your temporaries are […]

Hybrid Dentures | Overdentures | Brooklyn | New York City (NYC)

Denture Wearer Problems

Denture Wearers… There are Answers to Your Problems! Dr Laurence A Langer, D.D.S. Today’s dentistry offers so much in new technology and advancements in newer and better materials, that the days of suffering and having to wear a denture can be completely eliminated. Dr. Langer, located in Marine Park, Brooklyn has continued to research and […]

Smile Makeover | Smile Rejuvenation | Porcelain Crowns | Brooklyn | New York City (NYC)

A Smiling Married Couple

A Smiling Married Couple Dr Laurence A Langer, D.D.S. I have been in practice for 30 years, and nothing brings me more pleasure than having my patients express their gratitude. Alleviating a painful toothache can bring a big smile from the patient. However, creating a new smile for a patient, now this can be a […]

Invisalign | Orthodontic Treatment | Smile Makeover | Brooklyn NY | New York City (NYC)

Invisalign Treatments

Taking Charge of Your Mouth with Invisalign Dr Laurence A Langer, D.D.S.   For those who are in need of orthodontic treatment, there is an excellent chance that Invisalign can help provide you with what it is that you need. Various cases have been helped with the use of Invisalign, which is why they are […]

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