Relief from Bruxism/TMJ

Relief from Bruxism/TMJ

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Bruxism/TMJ is referred to as clenching or grinding your teeth. Most of the time, this practice occurs in the nighttime hours. Studies have also indicated that this process can occur throughout the daytime as well.

Various stages of this disorder exist, which are referred to as severe and mild cases. Mild cases occur when the patient only has a minimal amount of damage to their teeth. In severe cases, the patient has side effects relating to TMJ. Muscle soreness, headaches, loose or broken teeth, popping or clicking sounds from the joint, are just some of the more common symptoms. Your jaw chews with forces up to 175 pounds per square inch of space. Reports state the number is doubled when you grind your teeth from Bruxism/TMJ.

Natural Treatment Methods

Many people are unaware of the fact that you can treat bruxism by changing your diet. Making some major adjustments to your diet can help to relieve the pains that many people associate with bruxism. Certain cheeses, red wine, caffeine are some of the foods to avoid. Since this method is completely natural, you will love the relief it provides for your mouth and overall health.

Occlusal Night Guard

Mouth guards are one of the most basic treatment methods for those who grind their teeth. Many people have found relief using this particular method of treatment. There are several different types of nightguards, and each is dependent on the symptoms the patient is having. They can be hard, soft or a combination of both, and can be made for either the upper or lower arch. Again, the examination by Dr. Langer will determine which will work best for you. For many, this particular method of treatment is very comfortable. Countless patients are able to sleep comfortably through the night with the guard in place. Although we are unable to stop the cause of night time grinding and clenching, we can treat the symptoms and prevent further damage to the teeth, muscles, and joints.

Pain Medications

For this method to work, you will have to take medication to help reduce all of the pain you are feeling. This is done in combination with an occlusal nightguard, to help reduce inflammation of the joint and surrounding muscles. Take the time to speak with Dr. Langer about overcoming your bruxism today.

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