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Delta Insurance Dentist in Brooklyn

Delta Dental Direct – Participating dentists agree to adhere to Delta Dental Direct Dentist | Delta Dental PPO | Delta Care Dentist | Delta Direct Dentist | BrooklynDelta Dental processing policies and are prohibited from billing a patient above the pre-negotiated fee schedule.

Delta Dental PPO – Participating dentist agree to a fee schedule, like the above, but provide deeper discounted fees. This provides additional savings to the patient.

Delta Care USA – This is a DHMO. Enrolled patients select from a panel of dentists. You can only go to the dentist you have been assigned to. The dentist receives a “capitation” check for your enrollment. There is usually minimal or no fee to pay.

Delta Dental Direct – this a discounted plan for those without any dental insurance (AARP is one of many that offer this). Enrolled members pay the dentist directly at discounted fees. There are no forms to fill out.

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