HIPAA and OSHA Compliant Brooklyn Cosmetic Dentist

At the Brooklyn cosmetic dentistry office of Dr. Langer, D.D.S., we are completely compliant with the OSHA and HIPAA regulations. We care about our patients and want to do everything we can to protect their safety and ensure that the information they give is is protected and secure. For anyone unfamiliar with OSHA or HIPAA […]

Planning a Complex Prosthetic Case

Where do we begin?   With the end in mind… Esthetics: Tooth position, gingival levels, arrangement, contour, color. Function: Condylar position, vertical dimension (VDO), tooth contours, overbite, overjet Structure: Type of restoration, type of replacement, method to obtain tooth structure Biology: Endo, perio, oral surgery Mounted study models on semi-adjustable articulator Try to start and […]

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