Easy Smile Makover | Cosmetic Dental Restorations | Brooklyn | New York City (NYC)

An Easy Fix to Make You Smile

Now You See it, Now You Don’t… Creating smiles is what dentists such as Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Langer, D.D.S. love to do. It is tremendously gratifying to have a patient smile from ear to ear after placing new crowns, veneers, a new denture, or changing old and worn fillings. We have the technology and materials […]

Dental Infection Control | Brooklyn | New York City (NYC)

Dental Infection Control

Dental Infection Control Due to the increase in the amount of diseases today, numerous people are concerned with the manner in which the dentist practice operates. As a Brooklyn dentist, it is inevitable that you will be exposed to blood, body fluids and mucosa. Coming in contact with the fluids is not so much the […]

Smile Improvement | Cosmetic Dental Restorations | Brooklyn | New York City (NYC)

Steps to Improving Your Smile

Steps to Improving Your Smile It’s been written that the number one thing that people look at, is someone’s smile. We look at ads, watch TV, and go to the movies, and see “the Stars” with their perfect, beautiful smiles. Well, having that smile you always dreamed of, can be yours too. There are many […]

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