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  • All About Veneers

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    Have you ever looked at someone and wondered how they achieved such a perfect smile? Their teeth are the perfect shade of white and set in perfect alignment. It can seem like a great accomplishment to have a smile so perfect. However, many times, this picture-perfect smile is the rest of veneers — not above-average...  read more

    Composite Resin for Teeth

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    Fillings are an extremely common dentistry procedure. However, most people who have a filling aren't really sure what it is or what it means. While fillings come in many different forms, one of the most popular is Composite Resin, also known as a "white filling." What is Composite Resin? Composite Resin is usually used to...  read more

    Warning Signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

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    Wisdom teeth are something that just about everyone will need to have removed at one point in their lives. However, if they are not removed soon enough or they grow in at unnatural angles, they can cause some serious complications. If wisdom teeth are impacted, they can cause pain and discomfort. Luckily, if they're detected...  read more

    Problems with the TMJ and How to Prevent Them

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    If you have pain, clicking, or grating in your jaw, you may have a temporomandibular disorder (TMD). Pain and issues with the jaw and the controlling muscles in the face are known as TMD, and they are sometimes inaccurately referred to as TMJ. These disorders are a very common but very inconvenient and painful condition. Luckily, problems with...  read more

    Making Beautiful Smiles

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    Maintain Dental Hygiene Routine During the Summer

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    Summer can be a difficult time for routines. When the days are longer, the kids are home from school, and you’re headed off for vacations at the beach or days at the pool, it’s easy to fall out of your traditional habits – including practicing proper oral hygiene. But the summer doesn’t change the importance...  read more

    Dental Implant Options

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    There are many options for replacing your teeth, but few are as natural feeling as the All-On-4 dental implants. As a quick and efficient way to permanently replace an entire arch of teeth, the All-On-4 treatment can have you feeling like new in no time. But how does the All-On-4 dental implant treatment work and...  read more

    What You Need to Know About Dental Insurance, Part II

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    When it comes to our teeth, we usually want our treatments completed as quickly as possible. Because having a beautiful smile is so closely related to confidence and self-esteem, we’re usually anxious to schedule our dental appointments. Unfortunately, some dental insurance providers will administer waiting periods before an appointment can be made. But what do...  read more

    What You Need to Know About Dental Insurance, Part I

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    Dental insurance is great when you need to get a check up, have an unexpected expense, or need preventative treatments to maintain your oral hygiene. But like standard medical insurance, dental insurance doesn’t always cover all of your costs. Before getting certain dental treatments you need to understand what is included under your insurance and...  read more

    Guided Surgery for Dental Implants

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    For years, dental implants have been one of the most secure replacements for missing teeth. But even though dental implants are a frequently used treatment, they can still be a difficult procedure. Because the implant for the new replacement tooth must go into the jawbone, Dr. Langer will need to locate and select the strongest...  read more